Sunday, November 16th, 2008 | Author: stuart

I’m heading back to where I belong,
To the home, long ago deserted,
To the place abandoned
In a search for something more.
Whimsical dalliances stay me now
And then and then I carry on,
Wandering the path never forgotten.
I need no map I have my heart
To guide and direct which way to turn,
When to tarry and when to rush.
I am going home.
I’m heading back to where I belong,
Where hill and mount are not raised high,
Where valley not sunk deep,
Plains not flat and rivers, never wide.
My trip be fast, I’m heading ever on.
My trip be slow, I’m heading ever on.
There is no back, no return,
It vanishes as I pass.
Emptiness is all that’s left of a land that never was.
And as I pass the memories fade,
It has never even been.
And at last, I found I’ve never left
The home I’m returning to.

Category: Poetry
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