Sunday, November 16th, 2008 | Author: stuart

Obvious differences suffering our bias,
Frailty, race and physical deformity,
Gaudy dress by our own design.
Fluorescent grotesques stare at our feet,
Bilinguals pass by unnoticed.
Knee high leather boots rapt with availability
Saunter on their way to oblivion.
Gangly strides and corrupted posture,
The only reminder of long dead catastrophes.
Killers in uniform, legal lunacy
Corrupt the letter of the law,
Taint it with abject morality.
Bystanders pass judgment on some,
Those who by choice
Choose to be different.
Discounted bargains in the meat market.
Bid and strive to attract purchase.
Subjected to the jeers and the ridicule.
On display.
Public property.

Category: Poetry
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