Sunday, November 16th, 2008 | Author: stuart

I talk to god and he sits and laughs at me,
My impotence, my futility. Oh generous and forgiving god
Lend to me your ear so that I may plead my case for only you to hear.
Don’t turn your back as if my countenance disgusts
I carry no disease that could infect a gracious and mighty god like you.
A god of peace and a god of love beams down at me,
And smites me with and evil plague. The all knowing god
The just god refuses to listen as he stands
Aloof and alone in the corner of the room. As the plague rages
and the plague torments the god still refuses. At last
‘all knowing, all seeing’ he says ‘does not enable me. You are masters of your own destiny.
Bother me not until the time has come to judge and then
You will find the plague I sent upon you but the bite of a flea;
The agony I will inflict upon those without compassion goes
Beyond you to understand.
But know this; life is but the trial. The sentence is forever?’

Category: Poetry
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