Sunday, November 16th, 2008 | Author: stuart

Born Vulnerable, twisted easily by elements now to be resisted.
Died venerable, shaping the future of my surrounds.

I have survived the tests of time, the fires and the floods, the winds and the rains.
And now, after living though the torments of it all, only one enemy remains.

You have the power to destroy
That I cannot resist.
How can I be expected to face your knife and your blade,
Without the twinge of regret?
I have witnessed your grandfather being born,
Shaded the traitorous infant from the blaring sun.
Without me you would not survive.
But still you deny the role I play,
You drown me in your giant dreams,
And burn me in your salted wastes.
You drain me of my blood and
Poison me with your words.
You killed me there in Vietnam,
Just to kill a man.
The fruitless budding of power dreams.
You wipe me out in Europe with your
Precious industry. But money is more important,
Any fool can see, any fool that is, any fool but me.

You see I cannot speak, in language for you to hear,
But look around, my love, it is there for you to see.
Open your eyes to me, my love,
Before the time is lost.

Category: Poetry
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